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Step Van Fuel Tanks

Fuel tanks have been a focus of Mill Supply as of late. We are constantly updating and adding to our current product lines to try and better serve our customers. Several of our fuel tanks are manufactured for Mill Supply. They are made with the same dimensions as the outside as the original tanks but are superior in construction compared to the original tanks. We also carry fuel tank straps and sending units.

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The outside of our tanks are treated with Corsol to provide the best in anti-corrosive metal treatment. Corsol is an extremely stable water based electrochemical that prevents corrosion. It stands up extremely well in automotive applications with high anti-corrosive properties and is galvanically non-conductive, allowing dissimilar metals to be fastened together without concern for accelerated galvanic corrosion around joining surfaces.

Our tanks are Aluminized which is unaffected by diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is not always absent of water and particulate contamination, allowing an all steel tank to corrode on the inside. Aluminum is metallurgically bonded to the steel by hot dipping; it protects the steel by not allowing water contamination to penetrate into the steel tank.

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