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Because stepvans frequently stop and start, the exhaust doesn't heat up enough to dry moisture out of the muffler and tailpipes. This constant moisture in the muffler and tailpipes can drastically shorten the life of an exhaust system. You can double the life of your exhaust with our aluminized pipes and muffler systems. Our systems are 14 gauge for strength and long life. The mufflers are welded not crimped for durability. Our latest systems are for the 4.8 liter and the 6.0 liter gas engines. Our systems include parts from the engine all the way to the tailpipe and we even carry extension pipes. All of our exhaust parts can be shipped UPS; we have them cut into two pieces to save you the extra shipping costs of oversized items!

Ford Exhaust Systems

Our newly designed exhaust systems for the Ford E350/E450 were designed to save you money. Durable aluminized construction drastically lengthens the life of your exhaust systems. We have also designed the system to exit in front of the wheel instead of behind the wheel. This saves on the amount of pipe needed to replace the system. It also means that the exhaust pipe does not have to travel over the axle and around the wheel. Our pipe hangers save time while maintaining strength. Welds or bolts onto the frame and welds around the pipe for maximum stability.

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Freightliner Exhaust Systems

Our Freightliner line covers the chassis' equipped with the 3.9 liter, 5.9L, and Mercedes engines. The difference between the exhaust systems are the turbo pipes. We have you covered from the manifold all the way to the tailpipe. We even carry the hangers and u-bolts required for every connection in your system.

We have also recently added our kick down tailpipe extension. This extension makes your tailpipe point downwards which can save you hundreds of dollars of repair to your stepvan's body. By pointing the exhaust downwards, it keeps the smoke and exhaust from rising and blackening your van's body. Straight exiting pipes have been known to melt paint off of van's bodies. With this simple, low priced extension you can keep your truck looking great and prevent any damage to your truck's body.

Mill Supply is constantly improving our exhaust system product line for the Freightliner chassis. Our most recent update replaces the MT45 from an exhaust behind the rear wheel to in front of the rear wheel. This new design will save you hundreds in replacement costs and save hours of labor. All exhaust parts can be shipped UPS to save on shipping costs.

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GM/Workhorse Exhaust Systems

Mill Supply's GM/Workhorse exhaust system line covers a vast amount of applications and it keeps on growing. We stock parts that fit from 1976 chassis' to today's most current chassis'. We also carry parts for the 1982-1994 6.2L deisel chassis as well as the 1995-present 6.5 liter deisel chassis. We make it a priority to be able to have the parts you need no matter how old or new your stepvan may be.

Our newest addition to our GM/Workhorse line is a two piece Y pipe. It fits the 4.8L and 6.0L Workhorse gasoline chassis'. Our staff designed this new Y pipe to eliminate the "football flange" design which is known for causing cracking by the manifold. The cracks by the manifold are a result of the flange design which does not enable the pipes to flex.

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