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Side and Rear Door Handles

Whether you need a locking or non-locking door handle or side and rear door handles keyed alike or handles with a large escutcheon plate, Mill Supply has the door handle you are looking for. We stock door handles that are used on Grumman/Morgan Olson including Route Star, Union City Body, Utilimaster, Boyertown, Supreme Body and Penn Body step vans. Handles include push button style, turn-key style, non-locking and locking.

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Rear door handles include the newer style with blind mount. Mounting screws are hidden from view for looks and safety. Rear door handles can often be keyed the same as the side door handle. We also carry the inside center mechanism that operates the cables or rods to outer latches. Mounting screws, hinges, weatherstrip and other door hardware is also listed in our complete catalog and on-line.

Interior Side Door Latches

Many of the same interior door latches are used on different vehicles. The K4000 interior grab handle accepts a 3/8" shaft and if by far the most popular used on step vans. Used on the side sliding doors this spring loaded latch is slammed into a striker in front of the door and behind the door. This latch can be ordered with a grab or web type handle. Many other inside door latches are used with a bullet type pin to guide the latch into an aligning hole. Or if your door swings from the vehicle we carry the popular 206U swing-out door latch with striker for a complete system. Mill Supply carries all the strikers to match all the latches.

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Door Strikes

Door Strikes vary for each manufacturer. We carry door strikes for the sliding side doors that fit Grumman/Morgan Olson, Utilimaster and Union City Body; rear door strikes for the quad doors on Utilimasters; and bulkhead door strikes for sliding doors dividing the cab area from the cargo area. We also supply alternative solutions for worn strikes and handles that were a poor design from the manufacturer.

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Tracks, Hangers & Castings for Side Doors

No matter how old your step van is we have the door track you need. Mill Supply has the old style upper track with the steel 'roller skate' type wheel to the newer double wheel track. Door track is used on the outside side doors and the inside cab-to-cargo doors. Our door hangers that insert into the upper track include widths that cover doors from 1/4" thick through 1-1/4" thick and come in double sided or single sided. Wear strips are available in a variety of lengths and come in steel or nylon. They slide in a lower casting. Lower castings come in cast steel and polypropolene.

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Sliding Windows

Is your stepvan window hard to crank? Not working? Not reliable? Mill Supply saw the need for a better alternative and now offer sliding windows to replace your crank style windows without cutting or modifying your stepvan's door. Sliding windows are riveted into place or are installed with the corresponding gaskets. You don't even have to take the regulator or crank off! Our sliding windows are easy to slide open when you need them to, unlike your typical crank style window and are sold at discount prices too!

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Window Regulators and Accessories

Mill Supply carries window regulators for Grumman Olson, Morgan Olson, Union City Body, and Utilimaster stepvans. We carry open chain, closed chain, and worm style regulators to give you whatever style you choose. To go with your regulators, we also carry many different types of crank handles, window channel, channel tape, and replacement glass. We make sure to carry whatever you need to repair your window system.

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Side door and rear door weatherstrip is available for Grumman Olson, Union City Body Company and Utilimaster step van type vehicles. Many specific weatherstrips are the correct lengths but some come in lengths from 10 ft to 50 ft. For quad doors on Utilimasters we have weatherstrip in 50 ft lengths.

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Grab Handles

Grab handles can be ordered in plain steel, chrome plated, or aluminum. Tubular steel grab handles come in 11-1/2" in length. Other styles include a die cast model that measures 8-1/4" overall length and large aluminum flat stock handle with an overall measurement of 16-1/2". All grab handles are in stock and can usually be shipped the same day it is ordered.

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