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Chassis components is the largest growing product line in our Step Van catalog. Parts include front and rear bumpers, rubber bumpers, radiators, water pumps, engine mounts, oil pans, gas caps, fuel tanks, exhaust systems, pedal pads, accelerator cables, steering columns, gear boxes, reservoirs and hoses, steering linkage, front and rear suspension components, brake hardware, wheels and simulators, and suspension enhancement.


We designed our own rear step bumper that is built-better, easier to install, more versatile, a better value and heavier duty than most original equipment. Our bumpers use a tough grip strut surface measuring one foot deep for sure footing. Loose debris and snow fall right through for safety. We include a rubber bumper impact strip on the rear for the many times these trucks are backed into the dock. Bumpers fit from 35" to 45" frame widths for the GM, Workhorse, Freightliner, Ford and International walk-in chassis. Our simple mounting procedure requires only one individual for installation. Each bumper includes hardware to attach the brackets to the bumpers. Brackets are sold separately.

We also have a variety of front bumpers to the different body styles. The front bumpers we carry can replace units on FedEx Ground trucks, dump bodies, beverage bodies, tractor trucks and more. These bumpers replace units on Grumman/Morgan Olson, Utillimaster, Freightliner, Navistar and the Union City Body with the Workhorse/GM chassis.

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We are ever increasing our radiator line and its surrounding components. We include listings for the GM/Workhorse, Ford and Freightliner gas and diesel engines. Recently we have added radiators for Oshkosh and John-Deere stepvan chassis. Mill Supply carries radiator caps, separate reversible blade cooling fans, engine and transmission coolers, and coolant recovery kits and water pumps. For the E450 air conditioned bus vans we provide the replacement condenser fans that mount underneath the vehicles. The fans we carry are universal in design and will fit many Ford E450 Econoline vans. The 10" coolant fan replaces existing fans used on TransAir and some Carrier units.

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Gas Tanks, Filler Necks and Oil Pans

Besides carrying fuel tanks for Chevrolet/Workhorse P chassis and the Ford E350/E450, Mill Supply has included gas tank for the Freightliner, Oshkosh and John-Deere. The new tanks sizes we carry are used in side mount and rear center mount. These 30, 40 and 60 gallon tanks are built better than the original with smooth welded seams. We also have them treated Corsol to provide the best in anti-corrosive metal treatment. If your filler tube needs replacing, we've got that too. Our filler tubes replace the Utilimaster with GM and Workhorse chassis; Utilimasters with Freightliner, John-Deere and Oshkosh chassis; Grumman/Morgan Olson with GM, Workhorse and Ford chassis.

Need a sending unit with your new tank? We stock the sending unit for most of the replacement tanks we sell. Plus we carry fuel tank straps and fuel line. Oil pans come with the drain plug and the gaskets can be ordered as a separate item.

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Aluminized Exhaust

With the frequent stops and starts step vans make, many times the exhaust doesn't heat up enough to dry out the moisture in the pipe, drastically reducing the exhaust system in your step van. Our aluminized pipes and mufflers are a great replacement for your original system. The aluminum can handle the moisture and greatly increase the life of your exhaust system. You can actually expect at least double the life out of our systems. In addition to being aluminized, the muffler is welded, not crimped as some other manufacturers do. The line covers GM years ranging from 1987 on up and includes V8, 350 c.i. gas engine and the 6.2 and 6.5 liter diesel engine; Ford E350/E450; Freightliner MT35, 45, 55 with 3.9L and 5.9L Cummins 6BT diesel engine and Mercedes. Mill Supply also has replacement manifolds that are made heavier than the OE on Chevrolet and Ford.

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Steering Columns and Components

We carry many rebuilt steering columns and new columns for the 77-06 P30 GM/Workhorse chassis. For all our rebuilt columns we offer a credit for your old core returned. If you are just looking for the steering column components our products include; dimmer switches, ignition switches, neutral safety switches, turn signal switches, upper and lower bearings and the actual gear shift lever and upper and lower bearings. Plus for the GM P30/P3500 models we carry the steering gear boxes, intermediate steering shafts and u-joints.

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Suspension Components

We have divided our suspension components for GM/Workhorse P chassis vans by wheel size, if the vehicle has dual or single rear wheels and by I-beam or Independent suspension. Popular replacement parts for Chevrolet include sizes for 16" and 19.5" wheels. The front suspension components include inner and outer tie rods, stabilizers, u-joints, steering shafts for I-Beam and Independent suspensions. We also carry polyurethane bushing kits for sway bars, radius arms, axle pivot, and complete kits for independent suspension on Chevrolet P30 chassis vehicles. For 1973 and on Chevrolet models we also have upper and lower control arms and all the components that are related including springs and the steering knuckle.

Parts that fit the Ford E350/E450 suspension components include inner and outer tie rods, adjusting sleeves, steering stabilizers, ball joints and the polyurethane bushing kits.

Front and rear axle suspension components for the Freightliner MT35 and MT45, Oshkosh and John-Deere walk-in van is the newest addition to our line. Parts include U-bolts, shocks, front and rear leaf spring hangers, bushings, king pin and tie rod ends.

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Rear Axle

If you need a new rear end for your step van or just replacement parts look no further. We carry complete rear ends for GM/Workhorse with the 14 bolt rear end with drum brakes or the trucks with 4 wheel disc Dana 80 rear end. We also have rebuilt rear ends for the Freightliner MT35 step van using the Dana 70. Or... rebuild it yourself with all the parts we carry. Replacement parts include pinion yokes, u-joints, seals, bearings and races, ring and pinion gear sets, seals, brake shoes, brake parts and assemblies, cables, and just about anything that goes bad.

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Brake Components and Wheel Hardware

Whether you are looking for bearings, seals, brake shoes, pads, discs, rotors, spring kits, or complete drum assemblies, Mill Supply has the parts you are looking for. Our brake hardware includes parts for 16" and 19.5" wheels on the GM chassis P30/P3500 step vans, Ford E250, E350 and E450 Super duty vans, Freightliner MT35, MT45 and MT55, John-Deere and Oshkosh. When replacing drum assemblies, Mill Supply came up with a complete drum assembly for the GM step van chassis models. This not only saves you money but saves labor costs too. No more worry about backing plates that are almost rusted out, just replace the whole assembly in minutes compared to component parts. Mill Supply also has brake lines, master cylinders, hydromax brake boosters, reservoirs and slave cylinders.

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