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Rear Bumpers

Our Rear Step Bumpers fit frame widths from 35" to 45" regardless of your body width. Built Tough with 1/4" steel side plates and a 2" x 2" square tube facing with 3/16" wall thickness to stand up to the most severe beatings. Deep 9" to 12" 14 gauge Grip-Strut Surface allows sure foot placement and safety while allowing snow and other debris to fall through. A Strong Rubber Impact Strip protects bumper and truck when backed into docks. One Man Installation... Our simple mounting procedure requires only one individual for installation. Fits GM, Workhorse, Ford, Freightliner and International step van chassis with body widths of 78", 82", 86", 94" and 96". Each bumper includes hardware to attach brackets to bumper. Installation instructions included. If you bumper mounts with springs our Spring Mounted Bumper has the same quality as our other bumpers, just a little smaller step, 9.5" deep instead of 12". Springs are sold separately.

Our rear step bumpers all include a hollow rubber impact strip. Shaped like the letter "D" this strip continuously protects the bumper when backing into docks. Rubber bumpers can be purchased in a variety of width or special ordered in quantities. Shorter dock bumpers come in a number of styles including hollow 'D' Shaped, square and half round. Different mounting options to meet almost every mount type is available.

Many older bumpers had kidneys (boxes built on to each end of the bumper to hold lights). This is no longer available through us but we do provide lamps that can be inserted to the back of the truck. We have incandescent and LED lights to convert your system over.

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Front Bumpers

Replacement front bumpers are available in a variety of widths and styles to fit Grumman, Utilimaster, Freightliner, Ford with GM/Workhorse chassis; Utilimaster with Freightliner and Ford chassis; International Fedex Ground trucks; and International 4700-4900 straight truck, Navistar, Dump bodies, Beverage bodies, Tractor trucks and more. Available in widths from 85" to 96".

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