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Parts that fit GM P-Chassis

Custom Chassis (formerly GM P-Chassis division) is a major manufacturer of stepvan chassis' and stepvan chassis parts. Mill Supply, although not a dealer for Custom or GM, sells parts that fit the GM P-Chassis and other chassis. Parts that fit GM P-30 Chassis

Chassis parts include brakes and axles, steering components, (power steering boxes, manual gear boxes, steering columns) front suspension including control arms, exhausts, radiators, gas tanks and sending units, wheel rims, engine parts, and electrical dash switches. Some of our latest additions to the GM line are our disc brake parts. We have added rotors, calipers, hoses and pads. Our pads are high performance and use improved Carbon-Based Metallic technology that actually extends the life of your rotor. The parts we carry for the front suspension include the steering linkage, power steering pumps and hoses, steering columns, (and components for the steering columns) steering shafts, gear boxes, tie rod ends, ball joints and control arms. Read below for more of the products we sell that are made to fit the GM chassis.

Click here to quickly jump to our complete index for stepvan parts. Our complete index includes the body parts as well. Mill Supply, Inc. has been supplying fleets nationwide for 60+ years. We pride ourselves on same day shipping, low prices, and knowledgeable sales people. If you can't find what you are looking for on the web, call our toll free number 800-888-5072 or click here for other ways to contact us.

Step Van Exhaust Systems that fit GM P-30 Chassis

Because stepvans frequently stop and start, the exhaust doesn't heat up enough to dry moisture out of the muffler and tailpipes. This constant moisture in the muffler and tailpipes can drastically shorten the life of an exhaust system. You can double the life of your exhaust with our aluminized pipes and muffler systems. Our systems are 14 gauge for strength and long life. The mufflers are welded not crimped for durability. Our systems include parts from the catalytic converter back to various extension pipes and include all the components needed for replacing your original system. Exhaust Systems that fit GM P-30 Chassis

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Step Van Front Suspension that fits GM P-30 Chassis

Mill Supply's front suspension parts include parts from the steering column down to the brakes that stop your vehicle. We carry steering shafts, power steering pumps, gear boxes, linkage, ball joints, control arms, and all the disc brake hardware. Our complete steering columns and their components are available as well. Parts are in stock and ready to ship the same day you call in. Front Suspension that fit GM P-30 Chassis

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Step Van Brakes that fit GM P-30 Chassis

For a quick and easy brake drum change, Mill Supply sells brake drum assemblies. We have drum assemblies for the single rear wheels and dual rear wheels. These brake drum assemblies save you time and money. All hardware including; shoes, springs, backing plate, and cylinder is pre-installed for the complete brake job. Call us with your application or check out our web page on brake parts. Brakes that fit GM P-30 Chassis

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Step Van Gas Tanks and Oil Pans that fit GM P-30 Chassis

We stock gas tanks and sending units and oil pans. Our gas tanks are available for the GM P-Chassis vehicles from 1980 up to the present. Lock ring sets are included with all tanks. We specialize in sending units and fuel pumps for step van vehicles, call with your needs or go to our gas tank and fuel pump page on the web. The oil pans we carry are for the most popular models using the 283, 327, 350 and 400 c.i. engines. Gas Tanks and Oil Pans that fit GM P-30 Chassis

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