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Freightliner Custom Chassis is a major manufacturer of stepvan chassis' and stepvan chassis parts. Mill Supply sells parts that fit the Freightliner MT35, MT45, and MT55. Parts that fit Freightliner Custom Chassis

Chassis parts include brakes and axles, steering components, front suspension including control arms, exhausts, radiators, gas tanks and sending units, wheel rims, engine parts, and electrical dash switches. Some of our latest additions to our aftermarket Freightliner line are our radiators, brake components, fuel system components, air filters and exhaust parts. Read below for more of the products we sell that are made to fit the Freightliner Custom Chassis.

Click here to quickly jump to our complete index for stepvan parts. Our complete index includes the body parts as well. Mill Supply, Inc. has been supplying fleets nationwide for 60+ years. We pride ourselves on same day shipping, low prices, and knowledgeable sales people. If you can't find what you are looking for on the web, call our toll free number 800-888-5072 or click here for other ways to contact us.

Radiators that fit Freightliner Chassis

Mill Supply carries many different types of radiators that fit Freightliner chassis. Built rugged and tough for long lasting durability, our radiators are top of the line. Radiators are packaged carefully to ensure that customers get their radiator in the same condition it was in our warehouse. Most orders placed before 3 p.m. EST are shipped same day as well.Radiators that fit Freightliner Chassis.

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Fuel Tanks that fit Freightliner Chassis

Freightliner fuel tanks have been a focus of Mill Supply as of late. We are constantly updating and adding to our current product lines to try and better serve our customers. Several of our fuel tanks are manufactured for Mill Supply. They are made with the same dimensions as the outside as the original tanks but are superior in construction compared to the original tanks. We also carry Freightliner fuel tank straps and sending units.>Fuel tanks, straps, and sending units that fit Frieghtliner Chassis.

The outside of our tanks are treated with Corsol to provide the best in anti-corrosive metal treatment. Corsol is an extremely stable water based electrochemical that prevents corrosion. It stands up extremely well in automotive applications with high anti-corrosive properties and is galvanically non-conductive, allowing dissimilar metals to be fastened together without concern for accelerated galvanic corrosion around joining surfaces.

Our tanks are Aluminized which is unaffected by diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is not always absent of water and particulate contamination, allowing an all steel tank to corrode on the inside. Aluminum is metallurgically bonded to the steel by hot dipping; it protects the steel by not allowing water contamination to penetrate into the steel tank.

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Exhaust Parts that fit Freightliner Chassis

Many times a step van makes frequent stops and starts. This doesn't allow the exhaust to heat up and dry moisture out of the muffler and tailpipes. The constant moisture in the muffler and tailpipes can drastically shorten the life of an exhaust system. Mill Supply carries 14 gauge Aluminized Exhaust Systems for long life. When you use one of our aluminized systems you can expect at least double the life versus a steel muffler & tailpipe. In addition, the aluminized muffler is welded not crimped as some other manufacturers do, thus making a solid, stronger muffler that will last.

Mill Supply is constantly improving our exhaust system product lines for the Freightliner chassis. Our most recent update will replace the MT45 from an exhaust behind the rear wheel to in front of the rear wheel. This new design will save you hundreds in replacement costs and save hours of labor. All exhaust parts can be shipped UPS to save on shipping costs. Exhaust systems that fit Freightliner Chassis

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Air Filters that fit Freightliner Chassis

Old and clogged air filters can cause loss of power and black smoke exiting from your exhaust pipe. We carry quality replacement air filters at discount prices. Why lose power when you can obtain a discounted quality air filter from Mill Supply? If the order comes in before 3 p.m. EST it will ship same day as well.Air filters that fit Freightliner Chassis

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