Hodge Podge Truck

The Hodge Podge Food Truck was “born” in March of 2011. Chris had already brought the first food truck to Cleveland, Ohio the summer before (Dim and Den Sum). By March 2011 he had been selected to compete on the 2011 season of the Food Network’s “Great American Food Truck Race”. With only 10 days left before filming started in Los Angeles, the producers told Chris they needed a new food truck design since they already had an Asian themed truck committed. So, Chris designed a new comfort food truck to be called Hodge Podge. The actual truck was bought sight unseen, on-line, 5 days prior to filming. Chris arrived 2 days later, painted the truck black, equipped the kitchen, and spent all night putting on the logo wrappers. His sister Catie and then girlfriend (now wife) Jacquelyn joined him and they began filming the next day. Hodge Podge made it all the way across the country stopping to compete each weekend, and ended up in the finals in Miami where they lost by only 5 minutes. None-the-less, The Cleveland Hodge Podge team had built a huge following.

Since returning to Cleveland, the Hodge Podge truck is primarily used for special events and catering as one of the fixtures in Chris’ catering company, Driftwood Catering. Catie still helps cook on the truck, and father John and father in law Ed keep it running smoothly. With three coolers, a bank of deep cycle batteries, a Micros order system, grills, deep fryer and specialty display areas, there is need for constant maintenance. After looking for truck parts on-line, we discovered that Mill Supply was right here in Cleveland! Even though the Hodge Podge is a bit older (circa 1988), Mill has never failed to find us the parts we need. With their help, we hope to keep Hodge Podge a part of the Cleveland food scene for years to come!


Pizza Van

Finally got some photos of the stepvan finished and on the road. The van is a 65 Grumman Olson Kurbside and I have owned it for three years. It has a rebuilt 302 Chevy with a 700R4 transmission. The chassis was rebuild with a Chevy van driveline. The van was bought in the U.S. and is well known as the "Pizza Van". The colors are the same as the Pizza van from Woodstock. Pictures were shot in the UK during a trip to the Hayride and the Supernats 2013. The pictures with the gas pump was made at Brooklands museum in the UK and the other one is shot at the original part of the raceway in Brooklands.


Captain Jim's Clamcake Shack

While looking at your last specials catalog that I received, I saw your ad about sending photos and a story behind your van. I purchased a 2000 Workhorse van in 2010 and converted it to a mobile kitchen that is used at local fairs and a permanent seasonal location serving lunch.

We serve clamcakes (which are like fritters), clam chowder, Linguica (Portuguese Sausage), Cacoila (a Portuguese pork with spices on a sandwich), and many other items. The van was originally used as a delivery truck for Aramark. I completely built the interior from the ground up, including electric, water, and propane, a commercial exhaust hood and fan, friolators, grill, stove, refrigerator and freezer, sink setups with fresh and gray water tanks, serving window, countertops and many other features. I purchased all of the parts for the repair of the truck from you, including the exhaust manifold, electrical switches, and wheel simulators. I have included before and after pictures for you to see. Thank you for the great parts selection and always fast shipping and courteous service! To learn more about Captain Jim's Clamcake Shack go to: www.captainjims.net.


Mother Fletcher's

We have a food truck in St. Augustine Fl. called Mother Fletcher's. We specialize in filet mignon steak sandwiches and wings. It is equipped with a full restaurant kitchen including 3 fryers, griddle, stove, condiment cooler, warming table and commercial fridge. It's a 1980 Olson with a 5.7 liter engine. We purchase all of our replacement parts from Mill Supply. Thanks Guys!


Mobile Sharpening Van

I have this 1976 Grumman stepvan that with your help have restored and made a mobile sharpening van. I replaced numerous parts from your catalog with every part fitting like a new one. It has a Chevy 350 with a turbo 400, A/C, generator and all my sharpening tools; all self contained. Thank you for all your help in this restoration. - Robert


The Real Estate Roller

For years I have been talking about finding the ultimate vehicle to help me do my work. Not a car or a truck, but something more interesting that might rally people and bring some levity to the unimaginative business of selling homes.

It was early 2009 and I had just arrived at Nagao's, my usual sushi spot on San Vicente & 26th. I was parking my car in the underground when I saw it... tucked away in the corner and coated in many months of dust; this 50 year old boxy looking van thing. A 1962 Jeep FJ-3, right-hand drive postal delivery van to be exact.

After poking around a bit I found it had a broken door lock. I couldn't resist. Believing it to be abandoned, I climbed in. As soon as I sat in the driver's seat and had the steering wheel in my hands, I knew...

I did some asking around to learn that it belonged to a bakery that had recently closed its doors. After some internet investigation I tracked down the owner at City Bakery in New York. Long story short, it was a mess but he was happy to let me have it... for a price.

Then came the calls to my people; the body shop, mechanic, design team, and graphics painter, among others. We put our heads together and more than a year later, this is it... the Real Estate Roller.

Since then I've heard everything from "you're nuts" to "you're brilliant." Personally, I don't think I'm either. I do think though, that the passion I have for what I do should somehow positively affect the people and community that I live and work in. It is my hope that the presence and spirit of the Roller will uplift people, and in some way, inspire us to give more of ourselves to the issues and causes we believe need the support... And in the process, try and make it all a bit more fun.

If you have a community-oriented cause like a fundraiser, environmental project or a charitable event and you think the Roller would enrich the experience, let me know, and the Roller and I will do what we can to support you.

The Roller Calendar of Events is posted on my site at www.DamonSells.com or visit us on Facebook facebook.com/RealEstateRoller


Black Swamp Traders and Swamp Creek Forge

What use to be Ed's small machine shop tool truck has turned into his historical reenactment camping vehicle. His Grumman Olson Kurbmaster has a hand grip on the front and a trailer hitch for a step. One morning he heard a man laughing and saw him rolling on the ground pointing to his handgrip in the front saying, "Little red wagon, little red wagon", so he named it the "Radio Flyer". It just turned over 1,000,000 miles in 2011. It has the Chevy 350 engine and the vehicle gets rebuilt every 200,000 miles. The lights on the back are left over from his shop truck days. It has solar panels on the roof that extends battery life 3 days longer when camping. Ed does blacksmithing and makes camping equipment, fire grates, tri-pods and utensils. He also sells cast iron pans, Dutch ovens, black powder supplies and guns.


Here is my 1978 GMC VALUE VAN 1500

I bought it from a local scrap yard for $650.00, needed a new rear end and exhaust manifold. Took it back to my shop and got her all fixed up. Put a new rear end in it , pulled out the straight six and trans and put in a Buick 350 and trans. All the safety lights work as I use this for towing broke down motorcycles and cars. I own GREENHILL CYCLE & AUTO outside Meadville PA. There is also a code 3 police siren for use in parades.



Bill Worth from Fargo, North Dakota enjoyed when we use to feature the 'Truck of the Month' years ago. When he saw that we were starting it again he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show off his truck. This is his fourth van but his second Mac tool unit. It is a 1998 P-30 16ft. Grumman Olson that he purchased from a Mac dealer in Seattle, Washington. After an extensive makeover that included new seats, sound system, boot between cab and cargo area, tinting, suspension updates and custom paint it serves as his mobile tool crib. Talk about a sweet rig... and he never has to run for a tool. He is currently on the hunt for a larger unit to replace this one. Bill says he is glad to have Mill Supply as a source for his rigs. We're glad too Bill, thank you for the show.

If you want to learn more about Worth Construction, go to:


Here is my 1978 Grumman Kurbmaster

I have owned it now for 9 years and it has been a great truck. Previously the truck was owned by the Knoxville News Sentinel and was used on paper runs. It has more than 1 million miles on it. I could not ask for a better truck.

I have a question on changing out my engine from a 292, 6 cyl. to a 350 cid. Does anyone have any idea on this? My main question is in regards to the steel engine brackets. Will any Chevrolet truck work or only 1 ton engine brackets?

You may contact me at 865-719-7606, Robert.


1972 Grumman Kurbmaster

Here are pictures of my just bought 1972 Grumman Kurbmaster. If anyone has ever seen a Kurbmaster with the lowered area above the cab I would really like to know if this was a custom order or did Grumman make vans like this? It has a 500 CI Cadillac engine from the early 70's. I plan on using the van as a traveling Jewelry/Silversmith studio.

If anyone has information or comments I can be reached at brightwellrichard@yahoo.com Rick NW Arkansas


Pretty handsome truck no?

This is Darren's Artisan Chocolate production truck. 6.2 diesel with an automatic transmission. 270 kms and in great shape


Grumpy's Bar-B-Que Roadhouse Catering

Here's the latest addition to Grumpy's Bar-B-Que Roadhouse catering fleet. This is a total vinyl wrap. Notice the unique rear bumper, it is custom made. The rear and front bumper is then powder coated. If you're in love with Southern and Cajun style bar-b-que then visit their web site at www.grumpysbbq.net.

Located in Mechanicsville PA.


1997 GM Union City Step Van

This is a 1997 GM Union City step van also known locally as the Delaware Real Estate Truck. It's a mobile office and rolling billboard. I use it for parades, open houses, car shows, and any place else there may be a crowd.

I bought it on eBay for only $1525.00 and flew to Illinois to drive her home. I wasn't expecting much given the price and was praying that we'd make it back to Delaware. Much to my surprise the truck was in excellent condition and even had the chrome wheel covers. She held up great and handled like a dream through the snowstorm we traveled through from Illinois to Delaware! She ran great all the way home and with minimal maintenance, she's been dependable ever since.

I replaced the handles, mirrors, (and soon) mud flaps, and it looks like new. I love driving this thing. Someone should organize a step van convention!


The Cruisin Cow

I saw this site 2 years ago and could not wait until my truck was complete so I could post it here. This day has come!! Here is my 1985 Grumman Step Van Kurbmaster. This truck was originally a linen truck that I bought two years ago. I converted it into my custom ice cream cash cow aka "The Cruisin Cow" www.thecruisincow.com. Rebuilt the whole truck from the ground up; didn't want to change the integrity of the truck so I had custom fenders and skirting built around the dual wheels (I got the idea from the red step van on this site "Dolly"). Custom paint and logo to match the name.

This truck is equipped with 6-switch air suspension. All wheels wells deepened so the truck can ride while slammed to the ground. Two music systems both are Kenwood stereo and amp (600w) and 4-100 watt PA speakers for the outside music and one set up for inside music. My truck is equipped with other fun gadgets; 2 school bells, police siren, flashing led amber lights, PA mic and vanity licenses plate "LICK IT". The interior has two huge freezer and soda fridge, candy, cash register, flashing lights and roof top a/c (for those hot days), which is run off an Onan generator. My truck gets the attention it deserves, more from the adults then the kids. Located in Rio Rancho, NM.


Utilimaster Aeromate

This is a picture of my Aeromate truck built by Utilimaster from 1989-1994. Mine is a 1992 with 56,000 miles on it and I have had it about 5 months. I use it to haul art supplies to shows around the country. It is towed behind my motor home on a dolly. I get a lot of comments about the truck.

If anyone has any information on Aeromates, I would love to hear about it. You can write to Don Sr Capellani at donsrcapellani@bellsouth.net.


Swat Vehicle Conversion

I bought this 1977 Chevy Step Van at a City Police Auction about nine months ago. It was used as a "Swat Vehicle". After many months of working after work and on weekends, we are almost ready to take it to the LSU Tigers football and baseball games to do some serious tailgating. As you can see, I left the police lights on the roof but painted them purple and gold. The PA system is very loud. They are in working order to help with parking problems. Ha! Ha! We installed a TV, stereo, microwave and mini refrigerator. This was my first paint job. I painted it outside in an open field. I am still adding team decals and decorations. Thanks for help with the parts I ordered. I hope the first trip to a game will be the BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans. That would be a great start!! Sounds like fun; we wish you the best John and Lesley from LA.


Hi from Denmark

Here is my P30 1988 US Postal truck I found it on EBay with 136,000 miles on the clock and 6.5 l Diesel 400 gearbox. I got it send to Sweden (Gothenburg ) I pick it up 28 December 2004 on a very cold day -15 c and drove to Copenhagen (Denmark) without heating, a trip of 250 miles. Now it's transform to a rolling workshop for Automotive locksmith where I can make keys and fix locks, I love my P30, it is the only one approved in northern Europe, I am also using it to go to a lot of US car meets around in Europe to sell antique car keys.

Scandi Lock Trade


Painting America

This is our 2nd step van and this beauty turns people's heads. We own and operate a paint contracting business in the Seattle Washington area and believe step vans are the way to go if you are running a service business. Our customers know when we pull up to their home we mean business. Thanks to Mill Supply for great parts at a great price. My engine oil cooler needed to be replaced. I called a local dealer for pricing, they wanted $269.00. Mills price was $76.48. That is a huge savings! NOW I can afford gas for this beast.




Here's a shot of my recently purchased 87 step van. This is not a work truck. I intend to make a poor man's Winabago out of her for fun trips to the race track infield parties, and to haul my 25' sail boat. This is actually the second step van I've owned for this purpose. The first was a great truck which served me well for many years with hundreds of thousands of miles. Unfortunately I lost her in a divorce and the guy my ex sold it to loves it so much that he won't sell it at any price. I'll send more photos as work progresses.


1995 Grumman 6.5l diesel GMC

This is my 1995 Grumman 6.5l diesel GMC. This is my very first step van, and I am so delighted to be able to stand up as I put my tools away. I own a Home Renovation Company which makes this an excellent choice. This is a retired Highway maintain electrical van. The van has only 47k on it, PS ,PB, dual heaters, all the emergency lights anyone could want, and a professional installed 7kw generator already bought a bunch of stuff from Mill Supply, and can't wait to install them. By the way, someone should start a web page for step van owners.


1978 Grumman Olson Kurbmaster

This is a 1978 Grumman Olson Kurbmaster that my friend and I bought this past April '05'. Purchased off the internet, had seen only pictures; went to Michigan and drove it back to Kentucky the next day, 450 miles. Overheated about half an hour into the trip; let it cool down and have never had another overheating problem. The powerplant is a Chevy 292, in-line six and gets about 10-11 MPG.

This van is used for our power wash business and as an equipment hauler/portable green room for the band 'Everydaypeople'. People seem to get a kick out of the van when it rolls up to a gig. Previous owner hauled his Harley with this van and had it outfitted with a 10' pull-out ramp, fabricated to fit under the floor, two beds and a wheel rack. We have removed the hauling accessories and keep it as stock as possible. Speedo tracks about 10 Mph below actual speed so the odometer read 71,000 +/- when we got her. This van is referred to as "The Big Unit" or simply "TBU"


1986 Grumman Van

Here are a few pictures of my 1986 Grumman Van. I have owned it for four years and converted it from a parcel carrier to a motor home. I rebuilt a 1987, 350 engine and installed a turbo 400 behind it. Originally it was an inline 6 (292) with a four speed. It gets about 12-13 MPG at 50 MPH. Top speed is not too good as it has a 5:17 ratio differential; good for back roads and hilly country but not so good on freeways. I originally only paid $800.00 for this step van because the motor and transmission were toast; and have about $4500.00 into it now, not counting time. I like the construction of this unit so much I bought five more (not at that low price), have sold three and still own three. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Wayne from Powell River B.C. Canada


2 Smooth Smoothies

The Smoothie trucks are the ultimate custom rides. They undergo a complete custom re-fabrication process including full air suspension installation. This is what allows the truck to slam down from stock height, lay body on the ground and place the serving window at the perfect height (don't forget the little people). It also has a High Performance 454 big block appox. 410 hp . and a custom interior with a fully equipped stainless steel food grade kitchen with premium water filtration system. To please their customers they have also included a slammin' stereo, 42" plasma T.V. on the rear, Cadillac tail lights, and 20" chrome rims. That's one serious money making machine!

2 Smooth Smoothies is an environmentally friendly company. They use a hybrid power system to power all of the kitchen appliances. This system is maintenance free and even charges up while you drive. No messy or stinky diesel generators to deal with.

The water is dual filtered through a special NSF approved filtering system providing only the freshest, cleanest tasting water around. Huge storage tanks hold enough water to last entire events.


Veggie Van Gogh

Veggie Van Gogh is transportation, warehouse, and lodging for two artisans, who cross North America, peddling their wares at arts festivals, powered by vegetable oil that they scavenge from behind restaurants along the way. It's filled with Mill Supply repairs and upgrades, including wet-arm wipers and slow-kick wiper control, air-bag suspension, and your wonderful rotating passenger seat! Much more info at www.Bytesmiths.com/Van

Hope to see this on your website one of these days!


Jaynie's Hot Dogs

Jayne recently purchased this Utilimaster in July of 2004. Originally the truck was used by Entenmanns Bakery. It was gutted, refitted with NSF walls and stainless steel. The outside was painted and the custom art work was designed by the new owners. Jayne writes, "I thought it would be awesome to have a theme truck instead of just having a boring picture of a hot dog on it." The eye catching graphics and top quality food served makes a good business. If you're ever in Danbury, CT. across from the airport stop by and grab a hot dog to go. Jayne concludes, "I would like to thank you guys for all the parts we ordered and received so quickly."

Your welcome Jayne, and good luck with the business.


Boyertown Dodge

Owners submission: In the 18 years I have owned my beloved "Dolly" she has had virtually no known family, none roadworthy at least. Years of eyes peeled I've seen only a few desolate shells with dissimilar drive trains and longer or taller bodies in ancient boneyards.

My girl is a '66 armed with the unendingly loyal slant six backed up by a New Process four speed and Spicer 60 rear. With a formidable top cruising speed of 53 mph she has managed to cross the country ten times, (that's right, ten) and with over a quarter million original miles she has served as my home, business, and den of Greatful Dead concert-hopping sin.

If the law would provide the proper loophole, I would marry my truck. I promised her I would not let her go quietly in a junkyard, so a few years back I unleashed a full restoration on her down to the frame, replacing and fabricating over 200 lbs of steel with some slight customization, (the fender skirts, etc.) I could truly write a book on what this machine and I have been through as well as what we have been under, over, past, and amidst. Anyone else out there with a surviving '66 Boyertown Dodge p200, Multi-Alloy minivan, or Forward Control Van, as I have learned her to be called, or is my girl the last to escape the exit ramp to the scrap heap in the sky?


Josh Writes:

Here is my truck. I purchased a passenger "jump" seat from you guys. Dalles, OR.


Mike Writes:

Mike uses this 1974 Grumman® van for his US woodworking business called, "Intarsia Woodcrafts" in Puyallup, Washington. Mike has owned this van for 6 years and has tailored it to suit his needs. Right now the van has 400,000 miles on it with 150,000 of those miles on a rebuilt 350 motor with a Holley 4 barrel. The dual exhaust he installed saved him three miles per gallon while making a noticeable increase in horsepower. The stock air filter system was also replaced with a 360 degree open air filter intake.

To keep expenses down, while doing jobs away from home, Mike has converted the inside into living quarters with a sink, holding tank, toilet, stove, TV/DVD and many more features. If you would like to contact Mike he can be reached at mikenat@msn.com.


Terry Writes:

This is the first Step-Van I've ever owned. My brother use to have one and I always wanted to get one and finally did. When I got the van it was white and ugly and had writing under the paint and on the back. I took and had it painted and put new wheels and tires on it. Now it looks much better. The van is a 1996, has 104,000 miles on it, features power steering and air conditioning. I am going to use the van for personal use and business. I am first using it to move from Florida to Kentucky then to go fishing at the Lakes. For my business I will be using it for buying and selling of retail items and flea market stuff etc. and also I will be using it for moving stuff in and out as I buy properties that I fix up and sell. It is perfect for that. If my working for myself fails, I will just use the Van to have fun in at the lakes, camping, fishing, etc. One thing for sure, I'm keeping it. It drives great and has all the power I need to drive down I-75 at 70 miles an hour. It has a 6 cylinder in it and believe it or not, the gas mileage is good. Well, I guess that is about it. One more thing I love about the truck, I can stand up in the front and my dog Thunder loves to go everywhere with me in it.


1983 Kurbmaster

A little hard to see but this 1983 Kurbmaster is decorated for Christmas. Billy is a contractor in Seminole Florida and writes, "This truck fits my needs to a "T". It is 24 foot from bumper to bumper with an aluminum body. His goal is to polish the body to look like a brand new B-17 from the factory. (Any suggestions on how to polish this body can be sent (Here) This vehicle has 262,000 miles on it and Billy says that the Mill Supply catalog has been very helpful in repair and maintenance.

Here is a suggestion we received from a stepvan owner.

There is a site for bus owner with a bulletin board that covers a multitude of questions. Many of the 35 and 40 foot buses were all aluminum and needed to be stripped and polished. Aluminum stepvans are similar and the information could be very useful. To start, go to http://www.busnut.com/home.html , "Bus Nut Online". In the left column click on the BNO BBS Bulletin Board System. Use the search feature under the Utilities heading.


Monster Stepvan

Here is a truck you may get a kick out of. This truck was built to advertise its business and it does in a "big way". This fun-to-drive stepvan has a 427 tall deck, 400 transmission, 205 transfer case, 1 ton front and rear diffs, 44 swamper truxus tires. If you have any questions, or would like something similar built for you please contact. Bob at Big Wheel Off Road, Hubert N.C., 910-326-2881.


1986 Grumman Olson Kurbmaster

160,000 miles, owned 5 years. This is one of five trucks Robin Hood Express uses to deliver frozen food to homes, schools, hospitals and restaurants. Many of the institutional products they deliver are not available in the grocery stores and are repacked into a smaller more attractive size and then delivered at no delivery charge. One of the biggest complaints Herschel has about these trucks is the electrical problems but they are overcome because these trucks are workable. The Robin Hood Express Company has purchased many of their truck parts from Mill Supply including: vents, wiper parts, hold-downs and weatherstrip


1961 Grumman Olson Kurbside

54,000? Miles, owned 5 years. Alias "The Slug", has a 223 6-cylinder with a 3-speed transmission. Windows were put in the sides and the interior was customized with a "bamboo tiki" theme. This van was driven from Key West, Florida all the way to San Francisco, California, and back. Over 7000 miles were logged in two months. The mileage averaged 12.5 per gallon. Dan is currently working on a book about van-dwellers (a chronicle of the American Gypsy) and would like to hear from anyone who has done traveling in their van. Dan Pretto, PO Box 1595, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562


1990 Grumman Olson Kurbmaster

154,000 Miles, owned 3 years. Don from Wethersfield, Conn. uses his truck daily for his scissor and knife sharpening business. He runs approx. 200 miles a week with no complaints, especially pleased with the easy body upkeep and roomy interior.


1983 Grumman® Small Tractor Trailer

208,000 Miles, owned 10 years. Reid from Seamless Gutters and Soffit has three Grumman® tractor-trailers that serve his gutter business perfectly. Running about 500 miles per week these trucks can carry the supplies he needs for just about any job.


1983 and 1986 Grumman Olson Kurbmasters

114,000 and 151,000 miles, owned approx. 5 years. Running about 525 miles per week Gary from Catskill, New York delivers bakery (bread and cake) goods daily to nearby retail outlets. Boasts of the large storage room but occasionally would appreciate better suspension and braking. At one point in his deliveries Gary (without realizing it) pulled out of the gas station right into the formation line of a parade. Quick maneuvering steered him clear before he became part of the procession.


1990 Union City Body

157,000 miles, owned 6 months. Jeff has been in the tool business for 9 years running approx. 500 miles per week. This particular truck of his has a custom built display inside with 40 air tools hanging from the ceiling.

A custom flame paint job puts Jeff ahead with the best-looking tool truck around.


1976 Grumman Olson Kurbmaster

Owned 5 years. Mario is in the tile business and likes the fact that his truck is large enough to keep all his tools in one place and dry. After many years of working in the construction business out of a pickup truck, not having enough room, always worrying about the weather and living in Florida with lots of rain, he decided to buy this old truck. He had the engine rebuilt, replaced the rotors, drums, and brakes, but otherwise it has the original parts. The unpainted aluminum body is easy to keep looking halfway decent without worrying about scratches and the like. The shelves that he built to suit his needs reminds him daily of the trouble he use to go through when he had to dig through the pickup to find the right tool. Now everything has a place saving him time, money and aggravation. He plans to purchase another van to replace this one as soon as possible.


1987 Grumman Olson Kurbmaster

Owned two and a half Years. Here is the story of the "Pig Wagon" and Dan's business "FAT BOY'S Bar-B-Que Ranch. Location, Prattville, Alabama, ten miles north of the capital city of Montgomery. I'm a contract vendor with the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, 90 miles northwest of our restaurant and hometown. We were graced with the opportunity at the University while our restaurant was being rebuilt after a fire struck our building two and a half months post opening day.

The "Pig Wagon" is equipped with a stainless steel 3 compartment sink, a S.S. hand wash sink, S.S. work tables, hot and cold water, stocked shelves, plates, cups, pans, utensils, stereo, tool chest, 110 volt circuits and most everything our restaurant kitchen has.

We go to Tuscaloosa and sell sandwiches and drinks on the "Quad" in the center of campus on all home game days of football season. Each game we make and sell over 2,500 sandwiches in the Pig Wagon. I pull a "Smoker on Wheels" that cooks half of the Boston Butts we need with the Pig Wagon. Another supply truck pulls my other smoker, and two Suburbans pull supply trailers and carry most of the 20-man team. On the last game day of the season, 40 miles from home, the motor blew-up in the Pig Wagon on a foggy two-lane section of Hwy 82. We limped it to a station, hooked the smoker with meat to another truck, left a supply trailer with the Pig Wagon, rearranged essentials supplies, called a wrecker and took off to the game. With one man behind the rest of the crew went on to set up. Within 20 minutes a wrecker pulled up with the Pig Wagon, backed it into position and we went on to making sandwiches, selling a record number of sandwiches up to that game. Since then, we've enlarged the restaurant twice, signed our 4th contract with the University, and cooked 220,000 lbs. of pig.


1994 Utilimaster

140,000 miles - owned 5 years. Richard from Courtland Manor, New York runs approximately 300 miles per week delivering breads and cakes to retail outlets. He likes the dependability of his truck but the front suspension gives it a "really" rough ride.


1988 Grumman Olson Kurbmaster

197,800 miles - owned 1 year. Vincent from Oak Bluffs MA writes. I used to have a full size Chevy van to perform my locksmith duties. It served me adequately, but I needed more. Now with the walk-in van, I can stand up out of the wind and rain. I have a full shop on wheels that I can comfortably work in. There is plenty of storage and a long workbench for key machines and work areas. With regular maintenance the van should last a long time. He writes that he would buy another when the time comes.


Chevrolet Step Van

Sunny, owner of this clean Chevrolet Step Van, located in Honolulu, HI, has been on his own since 1999 after 15 years of working for Snap-On and Matco. He purchased this van in 1983 and does all the maintenance on this truck himself. Everything is in original condition except the engine, which has been upgraded to a 454. The walls are lined with slanted shelves for optimal viewing of the tools he sells, Plexiglas cases cover the more expensive items (and the knife hobbyist), and the air tools are hung from the ceiling. Auxiliary batteries and a 150-amp inverter run his on-board computer system. Sunny has designed his own logo and likes to modify the truck to make it more functional than when he got it.


1981 Grumman Olson Kurbmaster

187,000 miles - owned 11 years. Kenoza Vending Co has eleven walk-in vans including Grumman Olsons and Utilimasters. They have found the step van type vehicle a reliable vehicle for hauling their vending machines. The only complaint about these vehicles is that there is no air conditioning in the cab area. This particular van is run about 400 miles per week.


1985 Grumman Olson Kubvan

94,000 miles - owned 9 years. Here's a van you rarely see. The Kubvan was designed for economy and Walter with Kimmel Contractors, Brooklyn, New York, owns two of them. He finds that even though the vans are a bit sluggish and smaller in size the standard walk-in van, they are excellent for ease of entrance and exiting.

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